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Corporate Finance Services
Corporate Advisory

Strategic advisory
Take advantage of our strong industry access and broad understanding to better position your firm within your evolving competitive market.

Building partnerships: Strategic partners can provide distribution, resources, competitive advantages, and even capital.

Creating Boards of Directors / Advisory Boards: Board members open doors, extend your public market perception, provide strategic insights, and lend credibility in nascent markets.

Assessing and refining business models: Properly documenting your plan and company serves two primary purposes. The first is that it allows a company to refine and improve its strategic direction, product/service pricing, and growth strategy. The second is that communicates this plan to potential strategic or institutional partners and investors.

Operational and financial advisory

Take advantage of our experience. Mediatech Capital Partners' principals and management have been involved in operations or financial transactions at a senior management level for more than 400 companies over the last 40 years.

Corporate finance services: We can provide a wide variety of corporate finance services to improve growth and manage risks.

Financial controls and budgeting: As part of a business plan, financial controls and budgets help to empower management, provide peace of mind, and clarify goals and resources. Management can use financial controls and budgets to improve the process of delegation and the scaling of operations; similarly, investors rely on financial controls and budgets to understand and forecast the uses of funds.

Human resource advisory: We can help you find management candidates or introduce you to executive search firms when there is a need to expand or restructure part of your organization.

Technical advisory

Take advantage of our knowledge. Mediatech Capital Partners' principals and management have evaluated, and in some cases participated in the growth and operations, of technology infrastructures for hundreds of technology and media companies.

Architecture advisory: Multi-tier architectures, distributed processing, scalable distribution, and redundancies are of critical importance to the health of technology and media companies.

Software design: We can assist with object oriented design heuristics, RDBMS design, information management and extraction, and interfaces.

Information value extraction: How you commercialize the value of your information assets is, in many cases, the core business for technology and media companies. This aspect of the company is as much an operational issue as a technical issue.
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